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  • Rubio Again Advocates For Increased Federal Power At The Expense Of State And Local Conservation Autonomy, Impacting Businesses
    Over the years, Senator Marco Rubio has gained a reputation for annually proposing amendments that could disrupt the balance of power between federal and state governments concerning wildlife conservation. His proposals, designed to enhance the powers of the federal government, have roused anxieties about eroding due process and threatening the livelihoods of animal and business …

    Rubio Again Advocates For Increased Federal Power At The Expense Of State And Local Conservation Autonomy, Impacting Businesses Read More »

  • More Red Tape Coming for Small Farms and Homesteaders
    Florida bills 1164 and 1279 proposed by FDACS claim to support farmers but actually target small, independent farmers, impose restrictions, and grant broad powers to FDACS, potentially violating privacy rights.
  • Vapor industry fighting for survival due to Government overreach
    Congress is undermining the vapor industry, using false claims of youth vaping epidemic. Small businesses suffer while corporate interests prevail. Support the industry and prevent the same fate for legalized marijuana.
  • John McAfee: One Year Later
    Tech millionaire John McAfee, a prominent figure in the libertarian movement, died in a Spanish prison. He advocated for individual liberties, criticized the government’s tax system, and lived boldly according to his principles. Libertarians should learn from his unapologetic approach and strive for greater impact.
  • An Unpopular Truth
    Ron Paul and the Libertarian movement challenged the two-party system, advocating for individual liberties. Grassroots activism and personal commitment are crucial for breaking free from oppressive politics.
  • Drag Queen Story Time
    The gay rights movement has had tremendous support over recent years. However, events like the Dallas Drag show, where children were exposed to sexualized performances, raise concerns about the movement’s reputation and the need for responsible advocacy.
  • A Fresh Look at Education
    The education system in the US is under scrutiny due to concerns about safety and quality. Alternative options like homeschooling and school choice are gaining traction to personalize education and align with parental values.
  • FWC Continues Path To Destroy Florida Small Businesses and Infringe on Floridian Residents’ Property Rights
    Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is imposing regulations on non-traditional pet and agricultural animal ownership, risking livelihoods and ignoring the benefits of responsible ownership in species preservation.
  • It’s High Time Libertarians Stopped Being Useful Idiots for Big Tech
    Big Tech’s close ties with government, subsidies, and compliance with government restrictions make them more than private entities. Libertarians should recognize this and demand adherence to the First Amendment in exchange for subsidies.
  • The Masks, The Facts, and Nothing But the Mask Facts
    Data analysis of school districts in Florida shows no correlation between mask policies and COVID-19 cases among students. Regardless of mask mandates, cases vary across districts, indicating that masks may not be an effective solution. Instead, improving air circulation is recommended.
  • Correlation vs Causation; Shirley Brown is Wrong
    There is a lack of understanding between correlation and causation, particularly in school boards, leading to flawed reasoning and unfounded beliefs.
  • Unintended Consequences
    The claim of a “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated” ignores evidence that vaccinated individuals can spread the virus. Data shows vaccinated individuals carrying high viral loads, making them potential superspreaders. The unintended consequence is a pandemic caused by the vaccinated, not due to mask-wearing.
  • Masks Never Worked. It’s Okay to Admit It
    There is no correlation between mask-wearing and case spread, as studies lack evidence or flawed methodologies. Studies supporting mask efficacy are often flawed or lack control groups.
  • The Problem with an Abundance of Caution
    Out of an Abundance of Caution against an Abundance of Caution we should never, ever give up another inch of the rope of liberty. Those who claim they care about us, will take that inch of rope, pull out many more lengths and choke us with it, all the while telling us it’s for our own good.
  • “Anti-Vaxxer” – The Label used by the Anti-Thinker
    We value safety, research, and individual choice. We refuse to be labeled as anti-anything for questioning and expressing valid concerns. We stand against force, coercion, mandates, and the dismissal of our perspectives as mere conspiracy theories.
  • The Sovereign State of Florida
    The Flexit political committee advocates for State sovereignty and the right of Florida and other States to peacefully secede from the United States, highlighting the need to uphold individual rights and address the increasing division within the country.
  • Vaccine Mandates in the Military Potentially Lead to Dishonorable Discharge
    The Florida Mises Caucus opposes medical mandates and advocates for informed consent. We advocate for honoring service members’ choices and favor legislation for honorable discharge regardless of vaccination status.
  • America’s Mess
    The U.S. military’s efforts to strengthen the Afghani army against the Taliban have failed, resulting in a rapid collapse and the Taliban taking control. The chaotic withdrawal reflects the long-standing flaws in America’s Middle East foreign policy.
  • GOA Being Attacked by Fudds
    Republican leaders in Florida, despite a supermajority, have failed to advance pro-gun legislation. Gun Owners of America calls them out, urging action and support for Constitutional Carry.
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