FL Mises Caucus Sign-up

This is for members of the Libertarian Party of Florida to join together and create a State level Mises Caucus with the intention of supporting candidates who are principled libertarians.

In order to reform the libertarian party nationally we need to come together, get involved, and become delegates with the intention of attending our State convention and the National Convention in order to put in place leadership that supports our founding principals of non-aggression and private property, as well as Austrian Economics.

So, lets get active in Florida Politics, the LPF, and of course any local candidates running in upcoming elections.

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Mises Caucus

New to the Libertarian Party?

A Beginner’s Guide to the LP and LP Resources can help familiarize yourself with the party.

Interested in becoming a delegate?

The Delegate’s Checklist can help get you started with becoming a delegate for your state and national.

Want to help another way?

Check out Our Actions page for an overview of the work we are focusing on both inside and outside of the LP. See how you can help #TakeHumanAction.

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