Masks Never Worked. It’s Okay to Admit It

Correlation: It is when things happen at the same time giving the appearance of one leading to the other.

Correlation can be a signal, but it does not prove causation. However, without correlation there can be NO causation.

And there is no CORRELATION between mask wearing and case spread. Nowhere. Without CORRELATION there can be no causation.

What do I mean by there is NO correlation between mask wearing and case spread?

All last year we kept hearing about how Japan wore masks and their low cases proved masks worked. Except, blood tests actually showed that there was already 50% population spread. Japan simply wasn’t PCR testing their population as much as the US. Now in 2021, Japan has 25,000 cases per day in late August as compared to their previous peak of 2,800 cases per day.

Mask don’t work to stop cases anywhere. This is a fact.

Any studies that claim masks work are one of the following:

A model – where the author ASSUMES masks work by a certain percentage without proof. Based off an assumed percentage of effectiveness, the author runs a model, to show what impact masks might have on case spread. These models are complete science fiction.
A mannequin study – Where testing of mask efficacy is done on static stand-ins for humans, often-times these are literally mannequins, but other times might be a plexiglass box with tubes. There’s no tracking of impact of lab-verified infections, because they’re mannequins, not living, breathing, moving humans. In no way do mannequin studies recreate faithfully what happens when humans, especially small children, wear masks. They are designed by people who already believe masks work, and need to come up with a contrivance to “prove” this belief. Using real humans would doom their study to failure.
Lack a control group – A recent study that got a lot of fanfare for mask efficacy in schools was one that didn’t have a control group. They only studied mask required schools with no mask optional schools to compare to. Without comparison, you have no way to measure results.
Fundamentally flawed from start to finish – like the recent Bangladesh study pre-print that was touted as THE proof that mask work. That despite all the purposeful flaws of the study designed to prove masks “worked” could only show a .07% difference. Not a 7% difference. Not a 1% difference. Not a half a percent difference. A point-zero-seven percent difference. This difference is so close to zero, it’s essentially zero.
There is no reason to rely on tortured studies to observe what impact mask wearing has on limiting the spread, because we have the real world to review. When we have real world outcomes, the only reason to create and promote these types of low-quality studies is to push a political belief. This is not science as we normally mean it, this is Political Science.

Why are people so keen to push masks if they don’t work? There’s a myriad of reasons why, but one of the most likely is, people generally do not like to admit to being wrong and institutions like to admit being wrong even less so. This continuous mask pushing is nothing more than a doubling-down, a digging of a deeper hole, and inability to simply say, “I was wrong. I made you wear a mask for no reason, and while I’m embarrassed, I will admit now masks don’t work.”

When have you ever heard ANY elected official admit to being wrong?

Mask wearing has become a religion-like belief. Devoid of any real-world proof, but full of belief. Just wear the damn mask. Just be one of us. Just deprive yourself of normal breathing and social interactions to prove you care. I will not consent to this chicanery, and I will not pretend your symbol of faith works any better to stop the spread of respiratory viruses than a lucky rabbit’s foot.

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