An Unpopular Truth

The Libertarian movement stepped out of the shadows and became a force with the direction and boldness of Ron Paul. The Ron Paul movement, as it would be called, brought a fresh perspective to politics outside of the two party system. Complex personalities do not fit into one box or the other, and the need for more diversity in political options is needed more than ever. The Libertarian party however is one size fits most. Most people would agree in the “mind your business, and I will mind mine” approach of individual liberties where as long as you’re not hurting anyone you’re free to live your own life.

Libertarians believe that deep down, everyone is a Libertarian, they just need to be freed from the indoctrination of clinging to a two party system that is clearly failing them. If this is the case, then how come after 50 years are we still a 3-4% party? Why hasn’t this philosophy boiled over and made a mess of the normal political landscape? There are several reasons that take center stage, but there are also problems behind the curtain of what most people see.

The US government is the largest empire the world has ever seen. A government that was intended to stay small has grown so large and out of control it feels like an impossible task to take on. They control everything! Everything from the supply chains that make goods available to us down to the ideas we are allowed to share with each other. It is being shown that social media companies have controlled the way some content is exaggerated and some is stifled. Ideas and freedom are and always will be a grassroots movement.

A grassroots movement involves grass. You must be outside speaking to the masses if you wish to circumvent the oppression of your ideas. Our forefathers didn’t tweet or upvote spicy memes. They stood out in public and declared they were free men. Many of them did not have the luxury of living out the rest of their life peacefully. Their sacrifice changed the world, and soon all nations wanted what those men fought for. The world would rise up in revolt against oppression when Washington peacefully relinquished power to the will of the people via a democratically elected successor.

Nearly two hundred and fifty years later our nation is once again under the threat of losing our individual freedoms. The two party system is like bumper bowling. A ball is thrown and it may swing one direction or the other, but the guards are there to ensure it keeps moving towards its goal. Both guards, left and right, have the same outcome in the end, a violent collision and then a major reset. It doesn’t matter which of the two major parties you vote for, the end result is being orchestrated by both parties together for the same outcome. Up close the two parties are vastly different, but when you step back you will see they are parallel to each other and going in the same direction.

The people see the two party system is failing them and are looking for another option. What option is there that can break us free from this? There are currently 54 different political parties! How do we differentiate ourselves from the others, because let’s be honest, the third biggest party is not all that much larger or more influential than the fifty fourth. Someone may wholeheartedly agree, but the indoctrinated fear of “wasting your vote” scares people into choosing the lesser of two evils. The lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil!

If you call yourself a Libertarian take a long look in the mirror and ask what you are doing to help. Answer honestly. The forefathers that gave you these freedoms sacrificed everything to do so. Do you “not have the time” to volunteer or are you busy watching videos and posting on social media? Do you not have the money or did you spend it on frivolous possessions or habits? The LPF needs 100 people dedicated to giving $25 a month to ensure they have a baseline budget to work with every month. Are you signed up? Inflation is crazy right now, the economy is a mess and there are a lot of reasons why maybe you honestly can not afford to spare $7.25 a week. Can you give the party an hour a week of your time? Many hands make light work and your contribution in helping to organize emails, phone calls, text messages, etc will go a long way. Ask not what your party can do for you, ask what you can do for your party.

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