“Anti-Vaxxer” – The Label used by the Anti-Thinker

When car shopping, I am not anti-seatbelt or anti-airbag if I question the safety features of a specific vehicle. I’m not anti-car if I don’t take the car salesperson’s word for it and do my own research.

I am not anti-food when I read the ingredients label and nutrition facts when deciding what food to put in my mouth. I am not anti-calorie when I choose real food over processed, packaged junk.

I am not anti-medicine if I weigh potential side-effects against the benefits for a specific medication and determine that for my personal risk tolerance that medication’s severe side-effects are not worth the potential benefits.

I am not anti-doctor if I opt to get a second or third opinion if the first doctor suggests I need to cut off my foot to treat an ingrown toenail. I am not anti-child if I can discern that the risk to children from COVID19 is low, but the risk of adverse effects for them is high (including myocarditis), especially in male children. Did you know that Ontario data shows the risk to young men getting myocarditis is 1 in 3800 while the risk of death from COVID for healthy young men is statistically 0%?

I am not anti-fat person when I acknowledge obesity is one of the greatest risk factors for serious outcomes from a COVID-19 infection and wonder why the powers-that-be don’t recommend weight loss. (In case you are unaware, ACE2 receptors facilitate cellular entry of SARSCOV2 and there is higher ACE2 gene expression in visceral and subcutaneous adipose tissue, the more excess body fat you have, the more “targets” you have for this virus to hit.(1)

I am not anti-vaccine if I question the efficacy and safety of covid shots that are failing before our eyes and have caused more adverse advents that all other vaccines combined. I am not anti-vaccine if I, myself have received all inoculations I’m eligible for besides the COVID shots. I am not anti-vaccine if my child has received all childhood inoculations, but I refuse for my kid to receive a rushed to market shot with no long-term safety data, whose trials will not even be completed for several more years.

I am not anti-expert when I can see politically motivated experts are lying with statistics by claiming 99% of all hospitalized covid patients are unvaccinated, but they’re purposefully including hospitalizations from as far back as January 2021 when everyone in the US would have been unvaccinated to inflate that figure. Did you know Israel, who actually calculates hospitalization rates transparently, shows 59% of hospitalized patients are vaccinated?

I am not anti-hospital if I think patients should be offered low-risk early treatment protocols that have been shown to keep those infected with COVID out of the ICU. I am not anti-healthcare worker or anti-hospital if I question why they only offer oxygen and ventilators to treat a disease of inflammation and thrombosis. (Thrombosis is the formation of blood clots)

I am not anti-community by not wearing a mask, when all real-world outcomes show they are pointless safety theatre promoted by people who do not understand the concept of aerosols or fluid dynamics.

I am not anti-science if I do research, ask questions, and am willing to robustly debate these topics. I’m simply not brainwashed. Science is skepticism. Religion is belief.

What I am however, is anti-force, anti-coercion, anti-mandates, and anti-anyone who labels common sense concerns as conspiracy theories.

(1) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7368415/#:~:text=Human%20ACE2%20gene%20expression%20is,infection%20via%20the%20ACE2%20receptor

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