Press Release: FLMC Supports The Gun Owners Of America

For almost 2 years the primary focus of just about all legislation has been COVID, lockdowns, mandates and countless violations of our personal freedoms. Florida has proudly stood as a sliver of hope to all those who love freedom and liberty but is swiftly falling behind on gun rights. With a Republican supermajority and Governor it should be a cakewalk to get pro-gun legislation passed, yet time and time again bills are dying before they can ever have a chance to get anywhere close to the Governor’s desk. There is a clear reason why these bills are doing so poorly, and it isn’t the Democrats but in fact the duly elected Republican leaders.

Gun Owners of America have grown in prominence and popularity largely based on their rejection of the ceaseless compromising seen by organizations like the NRA and their allies. They have been embraced by freedom-loving Americans for refusing to bend the knee to certain organizations who wish to lessen the value of the 2nd amendment.

Now as Gun Owners of America have risen due to their “No Compromise” stance, those organizations who have lost membership to GOA are waging an attack on their members, predominantly Luis Valdes.

In a state like Florida, where the Republicans hold such a supermajority and the gubernatorial seat, the lack of progress on restoring the second amendment seems puzzling when taken at face value. The Republicans claim to be the party of freedom and individual rights and yet the true party to hold these principles, the Libertarian Party, isn’t even acknowledged by the NRA in their voter guides. While we continually get tread upon here in the sunshine state, we watch as various other states make concrete and real progress like Texas with their newly established constitutional carry, and Missouri overruling federal gun laws being enforced within the state.

GOA has shed some light as to why and is now being called out for it. Republicans in the Florida legislature simply do not want to put in the work. This should be obvious, with a supermajority they can pass anything they want, and likewise block anything they don’t. Other more established organizations would have you believe this is not the fault of the Republicans, that somehow they simply cannot pass pro-second amendment legislation with a supermajority for unspecified reasons.

As soon as Luis Valdez attempted to point out the obvious Republican obstruction, these organizations sent out emails to their membership extolling the value of these Republicans in office and their claimed accomplishments.

If organizations like the NRA and Florida Carry wish to prove Gun Owners of America wrong, then their slanderous emails should have included clear and concise examples of how Rep. Cord Byrd is fighting for their 2A rights despite Rep. Sabatini placing his name on just about every bill coming to Tallahassee, instead they poked fingers and assured members that their concerns were in safe hands with the Florida House Majority Leader.

The time of running cover for dishonest politicians who just happen to have the right party affiliation has passed. GOA rightly says freedom isn’t a partisan issue, and we wholeheartedly support them in this. Gun owners are sick and tired of politicians who vote for gun control retaining their A+ rating from obsolete organizations who care more about their status among the elite than they do defending the rights of their membership. If Rep. Cord Byrd truly believes in gun rights, he needs to show it by sponsoring or supporting a Constitutional Carry bill.

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