The Florida Mises Caucus supports the right of the individual to make all decisions surrounding the education of his or her children without coercion from government, lobbies, or groups. We support such groups as National School Choice Week, Step Up For Students, the American Federation for Children, and the Educational Freedom Institute, as well as the hundreds of private groups who organize across social media platforms and offline to advocate private methods of education. We also support any initiatives that would allow individuals to use their seized taxes to finance privately organized education. 

We also advocate school choice under our current system. School choice creates an atmosphere of competition between public sector institutions, thereby hindering stagnation by motivating schools to hire the best teachers available. Although public schooling is far from ideal, we believe that school choice can help break the current monopoly over the distribution of our tax dollars. The State of Florida already allows for school choice, but much of the nation, regrettably, does not. For more information on your options in Florida, visit the Florida DOE website.

Teachers unions are a prime example of how government employees’ unionizing leads to a decline in quality of the goods and services provided to the very public who are expected to fund them. We strongly advocate the stripping of funding from every avenue of public sector schooling that continues to fail the public. Either through the unnecessary closures from COVID-19 or by their failure to teach about the evils of socialism and communism, our public schools have shown themselves to be havens for mediocrity amongst their teachers and ignorance amongst their students.

We invite all liberty-minded individuals to research the numerous  tools at their disposal in deciding the best course of action. We believe that learning pods, private schools, homeschooling, and micro-schooling are all superior alternatives to the public options, which continually under-perform on a national level despite the excessive funding they receive. 

Organizations We Support

The Florida Mises Caucus seeks to form issues-based coalitions with any organization we share a common interest with on specific initiatives. The organizations listed below are those we believe to have similar goals as our own, as it relates to Drug Decriminalization. If you know of any other organization(s) that would make a great partner for us on this issue, be sure to contact our Leadership Team and let us know about them!

National School Choice Week

American Federation for Children

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So lets get active with Florida Politics, the LPF, and of course any local candidates running in upcoming elections. If you’d like to join our ranks and become a member of the Florida Mises Caucus, click the button below and fill out our quick questionnaire.