The Florida LP Mises Caucus believes steadfastly in self-ownership, recognizing the right of every individual to make his or her own choices about what substances to consume. We are not drug enthusiasts per se. We do not promote drug use. Rather, we call for the complete abolition of all laws pertaining to drugs.

Since its inception in 1971, the failed “War on Drugs” has given the state yet another excuse to violate our rights. Many lives have been ruined if not ended due to the police’s mere suspicion of possession or selling of drugs. No-knock raids have been particularly harmful, but in this confrontational climate, even routine traffic stops have become potentially deadly encounters.

Even those lucky enough to survive these encounters do so branded as “criminals,” left to endure the long-lasting effects of drug-related charges. Many employers are reluctant to hire those with criminal histories. Furthermore, these “criminals” must suffer restrictions imposed on their fundamental right to keep and bear arms, as well as on their right to vote.

The Florida Mises Caucus acknowledges your right to make your own decisions about your life. Victimless “crimes” are not crimes. We will not be satisfied with a mere lightening of sentences or special allowances for particular drugs, such as marijuana. We will not stop fighting until all of your rights have been restored!

Organizations We Support

The Florida Mises Caucus seeks to form issues-based coalitions with any organization we share a common interest with on specific initiatives. The organizations listed below are those we believe to have similar goals as our own, as it relates to Drug Decriminalization. If you know of any other organization(s) that would make a great partner for us on this issue, be sure to contact our Leadership Team and let us know about them!

NORML of Florida

Decriminalize Nature

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In order to reform the libertarian party nationally we need to come together, get involved, and become delegates with the intention of attending our State convention and the National Convention in order to put in place leadership that supports our founding principals of non-aggression and private property, as well as Austrian Economics.

So lets get active with Florida Politics, the LPF, and of course any local candidates running in upcoming elections. If you’d like to join our ranks and become a member of the Florida Mises Caucus, click the button below and fill out our quick questionnaire.