The Florida LP Mises Caucus advocates the abolition of empire-building and the associated “War on Terror.” We advocate bringing all troops home and closing all foreign bases. We advocate maintaining a policy of armed neutrality in all conflicts in which we are not directly attacked.  In the absence of a formal declaration of war by the United States Congress, we oppose sending Florida National Guard troops overseas for foreign conflicts or missions. We favor a return to the pre-2007 requirement that the president must seek a governor’s approval before activating that state’s National Guard.  We also oppose sending State National Guard or Coast Guard personnel to foreign wars, conflicts, or missions. We support the separation of federal military units from law enforcement and disaster relief.

We support the goal of the “Defend the Guard” project: that states reassert their Tenth Amendment rights under the United States Constitution, thereby providing a necessary check on the federal government’s use of military force as a tool of foreign policy.  The sole objective of “Defend the Guard” is to obligate the federal government to obey the United States Constitution before sending our sons and daughters to fight more endless wars.

State legislators have an essential, civic obligation to their voters to demand that the federal government adhere to Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution, which states that “Congress shall have the power…to declare War.”  Even though Congress has not declared war since World War II, the United States has repeatedly gone to war since then at the whim of the executive branch.  Until the day Congress no longer abdicates its exclusive Constitutional duty to declare war, we must resist, at the state level, the unconstitutionally assumed powers of the federal executive branch.

Without an official declaration of war by the United States Congress, states have a duty to withhold their troops from active combat. We at the Florida Mises Caucus will actively oppose politicians who do not defend Florida and do not “Defend the Guard.”

Organizations We Support

The Florida Mises Caucus seeks to form issues-based coalitions with any organization we share a common interest with on specific initiatives. The organizations listed below are those we believe to have similar goals as our own, as it relates to Defend the Guard. If you know of any other organization(s) that would make a great partner for us on this issue, be sure to contact our Leadership Team and let us know about them!

Defend the Guard

10th Amendment Center

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