Who We Are

We are the libertarian wing of the Libertarian Party of Florida. We are uncompromising in our quest for liberty for all people. We believe that no person has a right to rule over another. The foundation of an orderly society is not government force, but rather the peaceful and voluntary interactions between consenting parties within a community. This includes the freedom to transact without compulsory taxation on labor and the free trade of goods and services without government involvement.

Praxeology: The Logic of Liberty

Praxeology is the study of human action through logically deductive means. It was popularized in the Austrian School of Economics by Ludwig von Mises, the namesake of the Libertarian Party Mises Caucus. Expounding upon praxeology, Mises published Human Action (1949), one of the greatest treatises on economics ever to exist. His profound insights showed how economics and praxeology are inexorably linked to government actions and their effects on a population. Thanks to Mises and others from the Austrian School, we have a greater capacity to reflect on political theory, socialism, capitalism, and other topics that affect our daily lives.

The Minority of One

We fight for the rights of the minority, and we believe that there is no smaller minority than the individual. Democracy has a tendency to drown out the voice of the individual overwhelmingly in favor of the viewpoints of the majority. It is important that we remember that our rights are individual rights, not collective rights. Some of the most heinous acts in history have been committed “for the greater good,” i.e., on behalf of the collective. We are opposed to this mentality and will always continue to respect the rights of the individual over the collective.

Let’s Keep This Private

Our beliefs are rooted in private property rights. While private property colloquially refers to material goods, private property rights in their most atomic form are the right of each individual to self-ownership. Everyone has the right to self-ownership; therefore, to harm another would be to violate his or her private property rights. We hold the non-aggression principle in the highest regard and believe that force against another can only be morally justifiable when it is used in defensive action. Because we believe that every individual has the right to defend himself or herself as well as others, we vehemently oppose any existing or future legislation to restrict the ownership of firearms of any kind.

Associating Freely

The “right of the people peaceably to assemble” is so important that it was included as part of the First Amendment made to the United States Constitution. What is just as important but often goes unmentioned is the right to choose —peaceably— not to assemble. Every individual has the right to choose freely with whom he or she will associate; not to be compelled by anyone to associate with other parties against his or her will. This right to free association is clearly violated by policies such as compulsory schooling, segregation, affirmative action, restrictive labor laws, and, most prominently, by taxation (for this is government’s way of forcing an individual to associate with it under threat of imprisonment).

Join the Caucus

In order to reform the libertarian party nationally we need to come together, get involved, and become delegates with the intention of attending our State convention and the National Convention in order to put in place leadership that supports our founding principals of non-aggression and private property, as well as Austrian Economics.

So lets get active with Florida Politics, the LPF, and of course any local candidates running in upcoming elections. If you’d like to join our ranks and become a member of the Florida Mises Caucus, click the button below and fill out our quick questionnaire.